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Putting the Fate of My Beard in Your Hands (and Dollars)

Cancer sucks and treatment is expensive, which is why what St. Jude does is so amazing:

  • St. Jude is the first institution founded to conduct research and treatment of catastrophic childhood diseases with a focus on children with cancer.
  • No family ever pays a dime for treatment or living expenses while at St. Jude. St. Jude never turns down a patient because of a family's inability to pay.
  • All research findings are freely shared with doctors and scientists all over the world, making the work of St. Jude even more valuable.
  • For every $1 donated to St. Jude, $0.81 goes directly to the treatment of a suffering child. And the other $0.19 goes to further research to aid in the prevention and cure of childhood diseases.

To assist St. Jude in doing what they do, I'm offering up the fate of my beard. Some have called it "epic", "majestic", or even "frickin' sweet" and by October 31st, it will have grown untrimmed for a full year, but whether it gets shaved or saved is up to all of you. Vote with your dollars! If more money is raised to shave the beard, then on November 1st, my shorn face, embarrassing as it is, will be exposed to the world. For those of you that wish to save the beard (and my dignity) from such a fate, the only way to fight is to raise more money than those that wish to see the beard meet its demise.

Watch me announce the results LIVE on WGN Morning News at 9am on November 1st.
Tune in or watch online at wgntv.com/live

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What counts as a vote? Dollars or number of people donating?

  • A: Total dollars. Vote Early and Vote Often!

  • What if I just want you to trim it?

  • A: Sorry, this is all or nothing. I might possibly be swayed by donations over $10,000 though.

  • Do you, like, shampoo or moisturize your beard?

  • A: Absolutely. I'm actually making my own conditioner these days.

  • You should donate your beard to Locks of Love!

  • A: I'm pretty sure that's a crime against humanity and that potential recipients have suffered enough.

  • When was the last time you shaved your beard off?

  • A: It was a few years ago. I immediately regretted the decision.

  • If you shave your beard, how long will you stay clean-shaven?

  • A: If I shave it, I'll participate in Movember for the first time in my life, and then grow a Decembeard.